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The newest generation of the Ultima series. Years of competition experience and the latest technology combine to create the new RB7.


Having achieved the golden double of 1st place and TQ in the 2WD class at the 2013 IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Championship, the RB6 series has maintained its performance edge through continuous running change improvements. The RB7 represents the next evolution that excels with the increased power & speed on high-grip artificial turf and carpet surfaces of today’s off-road racing scene. Based on the ultra low center of gravity of the RB6.6 low-down midship, the RB7 features improved flex characteristics from its thinner, lighter, and 4mm shorter wheelbase main chassis. Combined with a completely new aero body design, high downforce wing, new front and rear suspension arms and revised ackerman steering knuckles, the new RB7 is ready to take on the competition.


  • 4mm shorter, 2.5mm thick, 7075 hard anodized aluminum chassis, delivers faster cornering and increased grip with optimized flex.
  • Improved front knuckles/hubs provides better handling with updated ackerman location.
  • New body and wing with integrated fin for more traction and stability.
  • Gull-wing style front suspension arms for improved response, with optional front sway bar mounting positions.
  • Multi-configuration rear suspension arms. (short/long via inserts)
  • Aluminum rear suspension holders included in kit.
  • Wing is now screw mounted and wing stay has improved durability.
  • New design "waterfall" transmission brace.
  • Updated ring captured universals for increased reliability.
  • Includes lowered spring cups for high traction situations



Using the same A7075 T6 grade hard anodized aluminum as the RB6.6, the 0.5mm thinner, 2.5mm RB7 main chassis is milled for lighter weight with optimal flex. A 4mm shorter wheelbase has improved cornering and responsiveness.



New body and wing has an integrated fin that continues into the wing for increased stability and more traction. Lower and narrower cockpit with revised windshield angle provides a more responsive feel than it's predecessor.


Front Suspension Arms

New gullwing front suspension arms provide better response and improved mid corner steering.


Steering Knuckle

Steering knuckles with revised ackerman position improves corner speed.


Gear Box     
Low down 3 gear mid ship transmission is complemented by a new "waterfall" transmission brace designed for optimal chassis flex. With additional parts, the gearbox set up can be changed to rear motor, 3 gear mid, or 4 gear mid, to suit any track conditions you might encounter.


Rear Suspension Arms & Universals

The new multi-configuration rear suspension arms length can be adjusted via inserts to suit any conditions. Revised universals have ring captured pins to improve reliability under load.


Rear Wing      

New design thicker rear wing and screw on wing mounting creates a more rigid and stable platform to increase downforce to the rear wheels for more traction and stability.


Unassembled kit
Clear body &wing
X-GEAR ball diff grease, high graphite grease, shock springs

2ch, 1 servo, ESC R/C System
Battery for chassis
Tires and Inserts
Battery Charger
Pinion Gear
Paint For Body


Length:                                   395mm
Width:                                     249mm
Height:                                    148mm
Wheelbase:                            277mm
Tread (F/R):                            F:221mm / R:201mm
Gear Ratio:                             2.6:1
Weight:                                   1550g (approx.)

Ultima RB7 Kit

SKU: 34303B
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