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Here is our 2019-2020 schedule for this upcoming indoor season!


October 12th "Fall Opening Challenge"

November 16th “5th Annual Turkey Leg Shootout“

November 17th “1/8th Scale Turkey Leg Shootout“


December 6-8 “ JConcepts Monster truck’s event”

December 14th "ROAR Region 2 Winter Regionals 10th Scale"

December 15th "ROAR Region 2 Winter Regionals 8th Scale"


January 18th-19th "2020 6th Annual New Years Off-road Shootout" 

February 1st "U.S.R.C. Indoor Series Race #2"

February 15th "ROAR 1/10 Scale Region 2 Regional Qualifier Series Race"

February 29th "U.S.R.C. Indoor Series Race #3"

August 12th-16th "2020 ROAR Electric Off Road 1/10 Nationals"


Here are the classes that we will run at all the events: 

2wd 17.5/Mod Buggy 

4wd 13.5/Mod Buggy 

2wd 17.5/Mod Stadium Truck 

2wd 17.5/Mod SCT 

4wd Mod SCT

Sportsman (young gun)

4wd Mod Stadium Truck 


Some of the rules as a fresh reminder at our big races. 

-4wd SCT WILL run a minimum of 28mm ride height. Cars will be put through tech at our big events. 

-All stock classes will be run on Blinky settings on ESC. Anything but blinky caught in tech will result in an immediate DQ for the round. 

-All stock classes will be regulated per the latest ROAR rulebook. (Weight and Voltage)

-This year we will be enforcing marshals a lot

Harder, we will not fight you, you don’t come to marshal we are docking your fastest run from qualifying. Simple. 

-All marshals will sweep their areas in between races to keep the track consistent and fun for everyone. 

-keep it enjoyable and fun for everyone!!! 

-We will be running a Qual Points format. 3 rounds 1 main.


Hope to see everyone this coming indoor season!

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