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A new engine project has been launched for the 2014-2015 World Champion Ty Tessmann's champions. Based on the B2101, a specially designed heat sink head with an improved cooling effect according to his driving style, and a 5.8 mm reducer with improved fuel efficiency that affects the race outcome are newly adopted. The combo set with exhaust parts adopted a newly designed 90mm long manifold that contributes to low fuel consumption as well as stable idling in response to his request. 


5.8 mm carburetor reducer compatible with fuel efficiency based on OS SPEED B2101 is included as standard. 
● In response to his request, the combo set uses a 90mm long manifold, contributing to low fuel consumption as well as stable idling. 
● Silver anodized finish heat sink head for exclusive use of Ty Tessmann design 
● Crankcase and crankshaft that logo of Tessmann which is proof of special engine was laser marked 
Mark of combo set which set engine and M2005SC 90mm manifold, T-2090SC tuned silencer as set In addition to sales, we will also sell engines alone.


Travel volume: 3.46 cc / 0.211 cu 
. In. Bore 
: 16.4 mm / 0.646 in. Stroke: 16.4 mm / 0.646 in. 
Output: 2.65 ps / 2.61 hp / 34,000 rpm 
Actual rotational speed: 4,000-42,000 rpm 
Weight: 356 g / 12.59 oz

Standard attachment: Glow plug TP3 / exhaust seal ring / reducer 5.8 5.8 
dust cap set (Φ 3, 16 16, Φ 18)

O.S. Speed B21 TY2

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