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Endless pursuit of speed and performance provides
advanced technology to deliver the racing edge!


Having maintained its brilliant record in major races throughout Japan and around the world with minor improvements since its launch, the LAZER ZX-6 has fully evolved into the new ZX-7. Over this time the racing landscape has changed significantly with many circuits using high-grip carpet and artificial turf. In addition, the power and speed of electric off road cars has increased dramatically. While maintaining the signature mild control and dynamic maneuverability of the ZX-6, the new narrow main chassis design of the ZX-7 provides optimal rigidity and lighter weight while the new front suspension and aero body with rear wing design generates more downforce. These performance improvements go together with the essential elements of reliability and durability as well as a wider range of settings that will give the ZX-7 the leading edge in modern racing.


New Features
2mm shorter front gullwing arms and wider front aluminum arm mounts
Caster adjustable front hub carriers 7°, 10°, 13° with revised ackerman knuckles
Lower roll center rear upper bulkhead
Wide rear aluminum arm mount
.5mm thinner 7075 hard anodized aluminum chassis for improved flex
Front and rear chassis braces also improving flex characteristics
Floating servo mount
Lightweight slipper clutch with front and rear gear diffs
Wing and screw on mounts from the RB7
Adjustable length rear arms from the RB7
1.6mm and 1.7mm 2 hole pistons and shock caps from the RB7
74mm universal swingshafts for the front end.


New short front gullwing arms and wider arm mounts deliver improved steering and suspension feel. New adjustable hub carrier can be set to 7°, 10°, and 13° caster angles.


New resin floating servo mount and improved front and rear chassis braces maintains optimal chassis flex.


New improved light weight slipper clutch replaces the center gear diff for improved throttle feel. New joint cup covers reduce wear and improves reliability.


New rear upper bulkhead with lower roll centers improves high grip performance. Adjustable length rear arms carried over from the RB7 offer even more tuning options.


Unassembled chassis kit 
Clear body, wing
Hex wrench (1.5, 2, 2.5mm)
Cross wrench
X-GEAR ball high graphite grease, shock springs

2ch R/C system , 1 servo, 1 ESC 
Battery and charger for chassis
Tires and inserts
Paint for body
Batteries for transmitter

Chassis Technical Data
Length                         385mm
Width                           248mm
Height                          145mm
Wheelbase                   278mm
Tread (F/R)                  210mm / 200mm
Tires (F/R)                   Sold separately
Gear Ratio                   2.5:1 (2nd)
Weight                         1,650g (approx.)
Motor                           Sold separately


SKU: 30048B
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