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The collapse of the steering balance by the vertical motor, which had been a problem until several years ago, has also been reduced by the appearance of a brushless motor with less anti-torque, and the shaft drive has dramatically improved the sense of stability in jumping and cornering. Of course, the height of the throttle response unique to the shaft drive, dust resistance, ease of maintenance, etc. are also polished, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the ideal form of the modern 4WD off-road car.


Now this shaft drive car can be a motor drive with a motor that can be mounted on a motor with a motorized motorized motorized motor vehicle, the YZ-2 SF has been carefully designed around this. Perform more aggressive while staying stable even through difficult jump and cornering sections. 
Of course, excellent throttle response is delivered by this unique shaft drive system while also remaining dirt / dust proof. The YZ-4 SF has been designed so is very easy.


The drivetrain holds the front and rear sealed gearboxes with an aluminum bulkhead, and the height of the bulkhead can be adjusted by replacing eccentric cams on both sides. By finely adjusting the position of the diff (dogbone angle) relative to the vehicle height and suspension geometry, it becomes a setting point that greatly affects the grip and turning performance. It is possible to match various road conditions and driving styles, including front and back balance, and it will be possible to gain great advantage by finding the best points.


Fine-tuning the differential position (the angle of the dog bone) against the height of the bones It's possible to match the various track conditions and driving styles to provide the perfect balance from the front to the rear of the car. This will prove to the car. be a big advantage in fine tuning each set-up.


Also, the YZ-4SF kit includes two types of front and rear shock springs for dirt road surface and high grip road surface such as carpet and artificial grass, front and rear stabilizer bar, gear differential oil, and it is selected according to the road surface to be run. You can use it. 
The height of the battle proven by the championship of the World Championships and the wide range of road adaptation by setting, you can enjoy the best off-road driving under any circumstances.


Both for low-grip surfaces like as dirt, along with high-grip surfaces such as carpet and astro. Front and rear stabilizer bars, along with gear differential Are All Included Oils So Each Customer Can Select The Ideal Set-Up For Their Specific Surface. 
World Championship Proven Performance With The Freedom To Make Multiple Set-Up Changes Allows You To Drive The Best In Any Off-Road Situation.


[Features of YZ-4 SF] 
■ Shaft Drive 4wd System 
■ Aluminum Hard Anodized Main Chassis 
■ Multiple Springs for Dirt, Carpet, & Astro 
■ Stabilizer Bars & Differential Oils Included in Kits 
■ Big Bore X33 Super Low Friction Shock Absorbers 
■ Aluminum Front / Rear Bulkhead and Caps 
■ Graphite Carbon Front / Rear Shock Towers 
■ Front / Rear Gear Differential Box's with Adjustable Height Options 
■ Aluminum Suspension Mounts (Ability to Easily Change Geometry) 
■ New Front / Rear Suspension Arms and Steering Hubs 
■ Lubricated Rear Gear Differentials 
New Light Weight Designed Slipper Assembly (3 pad system) 
Aluminum / Carbon Graphite Floating Servo Mount
■ New JConcepts YZ-4 FS Clear Body & Wing



398 mm (Include Tires & Wing) Width: 242 mm

Wheelbase: 278 mm 
Weight: 1600 g 
Internal ratio: 1: 2.5


Assembly kit 
Necessary things for traveling: 2-channel proposet (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo), battery (Li-po 2 cell), charger, motor, tire, paint for polycarbonate

Kit does not include electronics and tires, comes with unassembled parts and clear body.

4WD Racing Off-Road Car YZ-4SF

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